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During normal blinking, lubricant is drawn naturally out onto the prosthesis.

The SLP provides continuous flow of lubricant from a specially created chamber to the surface of the artificial eye.

Self-lubricating prosthesis, artificial eye, SLP, custom, ocularist, Kelley, Philadelphia, Kevin, prosthetic eye
Self-lubricating prosthesis, Kelley, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, artificial eye, dry eye, dryness, lubrication, prosthetic eye

A Revolution in Artificial Eye Comfort Providing:

Most artificial eye wearers , if asked, will say that they do experience dryness at some regular interval. When sensors in the cornea of the natural are stimulated, tears are produced, but when the cornea is removed during enucleation or evisceration, tear production is diminished. Additionally, the surface of a prosthetic eye dies not retain fluid like the natural eye.

Excess discharge can also be a symptom of dryness. A continuous cycle of excess tears and dryness may be taking place, prohibiting a natural balance of lubrication flow.

The SLP is available only from your specially trained and Licensed Ocularist. Please consult with your Ocularist to see if you are a good candidate for this type of prosthesis.

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